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Hood / WOLFSHOOK- T Shirt + Singlet


Hand printed design from WOLFSHOOK on a kick ass T Shirt.

This collaboration between Wolfshook and heartXart came about through mutual love of black magick, badass shirts and other cool shit. Each of these designs is steeped in years of emotion and filled with occult symbolism and meaning. I’ve shared them so that the power they have given me can be shared with others, and through wearing them I hope that each of you can tap into that power and channel it towards your own ends.

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  • Hood by WOLFSHOOK- T Shirt + Singlet

    FROM WOLF: This image represents my Dweller at the Threshold, a spiritual entity I encountered during my first forays into astral travel and out of body experiences a few years ago. It kicked me back, helped me find my place when I was lost in dream-realms far beyond the light of day. Naturally, this is a stylised representation… but you try drawing an incorporeal spirit-entity which speaks straight into your head sometime. Shit aint easy.

    The design of this shirt has been interwoven with seals of power that will wander the outer paths and the secret ways of your own consciousness, protecting you from the wild things beyond.

    This is part of the WOLFSHOOK artists collection at heartXart. Each design is available only as a limited run of 5 shirts and singlets.
    We aren’t kidding. Once these sell who knows when we will be doing another run. Go on, try us. . . procastinate if you dare.

    Available on; SHADOW T SHIRT, MARLI T SHIRT, OR TULIP SINGLET. Shirt sizing information can be found here and images are in the product gallery.


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    Marli – Womens Cut, Shadow T Shirt, Tulip Singlet

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