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Hearts a Mess | Printed T Shirt [50% to Lifeline Aotearoa]


Hearts a Mess design silk screen printed on a wonderfully fancy AS Colour T Shirt with water based ink. Created to help out Lifeline Aotearoa.

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  • Hearts a Mess- T Shirt + Singlet [50% to Lifeline Aotearoa]

    When I am in love, my hearts a mess. When I am heartbroken, my hearts a mess. When I am neither. . .  my heart is just fine.

    Printed on a white AS Colour Staple Shirt, if you would like a different style just let me know after you have purchased and I can arrange it for you.

    Shirt sizes and cuts can be found on the AS Colour website..

    This shirt has a story behind it. It may be long, just bear with me it’s worth it.

    In 2011 I caught a bus to Auckland every day for work. I used to write random things in the condensation on the bus stop windows, because. . . I guess I am just that kind of girl. Off the top of my head I only recall “THIS IS YOUR HOME NOW” and “YOU DIDN’T NEED IT ANYWAY”  . . . things like that.

    Most mornings a boy wandered up to the bus stop after I got there, I never noticed him noticing my words, although he had eyes so I guess he did. We never spoke, I think he was pretty much there not too long before bus came so we didn’t get a chance to really say anything. We always smiled at each other.

    After a few weeks I turned up one morning and across the back of the bus stop was written “HEARTS A MESS”. I am only assuming he wrote it, just through the process of logical thinking. There were still wet drip lines running from the words so I could tell it was fresh.

    I didn’t comment, probably smiled my usual morning smile at him, got on the bus and went to work.

    Over the next year or so it stuck with me, I have never told anyone about it until now. It became a standard phrase I used in my head and a nice story for me to remember. I liked it. I did look it up at one point and I think it is the title of a song, which I never listened to.

    About a year later my heart became a proper mess and I fell in love with someone. The bus stop boy was this someones friend so I got to know him a tiny bit and discovered he was pretty dam cool. I never asked him about the bus stop. I wish I did. Unfortunately a year after I properly met him, this sweet, caring, joker of a messed up kid took his own life at the age of 21 years 3 months 5 days. He has left a massive hole in the heart of many, and will be missed more than any words written anywhere could ever express.

    $20 (50%) from the sale of any of these shirts will be donated to

    Please, if  anything major is bugging you or you are feeling in a not so great place and you think you might want to talk to someone about it. Give Lifeline a call.

    Lifeline Aotearoa has 3 branches around the country, including a Support Office based in Auckland.

    Below are the contact details for each branch. If you would like to speak with a Lifeline Counsellor, please ring 0800 543 354.

    Branch      Office Phone  Email
     Auckland  (09) 909 8750
     Waikato  (07)838 0715
     Christchurch  (03) 366 6742

    Part of the Love Letters Collection on an AS Colour T Shirt hand printed in Whangaparaoa, Auckland by HeartXart.



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