Double Negative Clothing

Double Negative

I was lucky enough to have been chosen as the printer for this amazing line of clothing created by the super talented Auckland artist Nina. You can visit her facebook page here.

Nina approached me at the very cool Ra markets held at Neck of the Woods on K Road in Auckland in July, I could visibly see her brain flicking over with the possibilities of getting her art work on to t shirts as we spoke about it. We exchanged contact details and it was lovely to learn that she is one of the few artists that actually get their shit sorted and get back to me after talking about grand schemes.  . . And that she definitely did!

She sent me a range of pieces and together we worked through the best and most complimentary designs for her first line. . . . spoiler alert: there were a lot to choose from and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a second range to be announced at some point. 😉

Check out her stuff, she is cool.


And now some words from Nina herself . . . .


These projects are all about synthesis for me. mixing. integrating. my art (as it is for many) is my link to the unconscious; my hand holding the pen is the plug. And now I have my friends wearing all these wacky pictures that have come from that.
I chose Double Negative as my ‘name’ because I stand by the thought that you can’t embrace life without embracing death. That once you truly get to grips with what’s dying in yourself, whatever needs to go, that this is the signal for your rebirth. There’s always the other side. I’m nearly 25, a mum, an astrologer, a language teacher, someone who looks to walk across tightropes 🙂
Nina Mercep on the right sitting with her friends. Rocking their wacky Double Negative Clothing.


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