Yes I can print your shirts for you, let's talk about that!

What's it all about?

HeartXart shirts are printed at Katie Robinson’s home studio in Whangapaparaoa, just north of Auckland.

She has nifty little set up. 4 Colour Vastex Carousel, Vastex Conveyer Drier. .  and you guessed it a Vastex Esposure Unit.

She has worked as an artist for 9 years and is rather adept with the ol’ graphic design.

. . . . This means the world is our oyster. Just hit contact and let’s see what we can come up with!

Apart from the screen printing option, there are also top quality transfer prints available. Katie has been printing with them for over 14 years and has narrowed down the best products and methods. You will actually be amazed at the quality of them. Definitely an option if you are only looking for 1 or 2 shirts.

Screen Printing

HeartXart only print with water based ink. Both because the result is amazing, (it is eco friendly) but also because it is home studio friendly. 😉

The process is actually a lot more time consuming and you definitely have to be on your game due to drying times and the extra care that is needed to cure the shirts to secure the print. But it is more than worth it. The ink sinks into the fabric, leaving a lovely natural print.

Transfer Printing

HeartXart use very decent transfer gear. You won’t see those nasty thick prints that could probably stop a bullet. They are lovely, sink right into the fabric and are downright easy to wash and keep up the appearance of the print.

What’s more. 1 off shirt?? No problem. . .  this is definitely the way to go for short runs.

Another very cool option for the transfer prints is to go ahead and order one as a mock up for a design you are thinking about getting screen printed. It is a cost effective way to trial a design for use in images and promotional stuff.

Give it a blast, take some photos, get some amazing feedback . . . get a run of screen prints done! Wizard!


AS Colour are the only shirts you will find on the carousel and press here. They are top quality, sweet looking and always deliver on the good stuff.

Of course, if you wanted sports clothing or uniforms printed. . . I gueessss we can make an allowance. 😉

What does it cost?

HeartXart is just a newly established business. Prices haven’t been put together in such a fashion that it can be put on the website.

I can tell you an A4 full colour transfer print (including the shirt) will be $35.00 with no minimum run.

Screen printing: $40+GST for the screen set up. (That’s one screen per colour kids) with a minimum run of just 4.

Printing costs will be updated pronto.

But please contact Katie and she will help you out!