about heartxart

About HeartXart Shirts.

HeartXart was developed during the investigation into the art of screen printing by Auckland based stencil artist Katie Robinson. She has worked as a stencil artist for 9 years, selling her artwork both all over New Zealand and worldwide. Her inkling that her stencil based images would translate perfectly to the realms of screen printing was proven correct with the extremely positive reception about HeartXart shirts after the first round of prints in November 2016.

Screen printing essentially IS stencil art, just a different application to what I have been doing for years. I am really excited to see how my existing pieces translate into the world of shirts and I am more than excited about the prospect of developing designs specifically for screen printing. Don’t even get me started on printing on paper. Eventually I hope to provide a paper print to coincide with every shirt I offer at heartXart.

Katie invested in a screen printing set up for her home studio in Whangaparaoa. The first line to emerge was based on existing prints from Katie’s collections, and in the future we will see paintings/stencils created with the brand in mind featuring her friends and interesting faces she comes across as well as various other artists designs.

Also in the development stage is a collection of straight to the point, sometimes crass but always coming from a happy place; “Love Letters“.

Heartxart has several new lines in various stages of development, working closely with both established and up and coming artists hailing from the top to the bottom of Aotearoa and everywhere in between.

All lines are dreamed up and printed in Whangaparaoa and Katie and everyone involved in the set up are always on the lookout for new inspiration and potential new collaborators.

One exciting thing that you might see pop up from time to time are the “Shits and Rarities”. These are limited designs that have emerged during the development phases. These are usually one of a kind, or very limited runs. There is a reason they are called “rarities”; they are either totally bung prints, or accidentally smudged the hell up . . which are still legitimately cool (aka ‘shits’). Or simply a colour combo that was discarded. You might find yourself walking around in a rare gem, or at the least a freaking cool shit of a shirt!

All lines, once fully established are matched with corresponding art prints, these are limited to a 10-20 run and are all hand printed and signed by the artist, sometimes this involves some lengthy courier travels back and forth all over the country, but we assure you they will be signed!

After trialing several brands of shirts, through both printing on, wearing and a washing process that would put the busiest drycleaners to shame, heartXart settled on the AS Colour shirts.

We should have just listened to everyone that opened their mouth when questioned about their favorite shirts right from the beginning, but these things need to be tested first hand don’t they?